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Welcome to the Cogan Wiki! We are still growing since this wiki was founded, so why don't you help us out? This place is where you can fangirl about the relationship between Cece and Logan on Shake it up. You can also post Fanarts,videos and even make your own fanfictions by making a new page. We hope you enjoy this wiki.

What is Cogan?

Cogan is the conflict pairing of CeCe Jones and Logan Hunter (C/eCe + L/ogan). They first met in Oh Brother It Up. Since CeCe's mother Georgia and Logan's father Jeremy were getting married, they would've been step-siblings. Some Shake It Up fans ship Cogan anyways, because they are not blood relatives and the ship may be possible. They usually have brother/sister- type moments, and seem to hate each other, for now. In I Do It Up, it is confirmed that they are no longer step-siblings because CeCe's mom didn't marry Logan's dad. It is shown in Future It Up that they get married and have a son together. They are portrayed by Bella Thorne and Leo Howard.

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When Cece runs up to Logan and hugs him in Future it up.

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